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Top 13 End-of-the-Year Lists for Marketers

It’s a scientifically-proven fact that we love clicking on end-of-the-year lists. Whether it’s a recap of the year’s best Hotline Bling memes or one of those “New Year, New You” inspirational checklists, we can’t escape their hold on our collective psyche.

Or maybe it’s just holiday fatigue. Either way, we’ve compiled our favorite end-of-the-year lists for 2015 so you can spend more time researching next year’s workout routines.


To See into the Future of B2B Commerce, Look at Black Friday

Amazon and Ebay were big winners over brick-and-mortar retailers this Thanksgiving weekend, with about one million more consumers chose to shop online than in-store. To top things off, this year's Cyber Monday was the largest online sales day in history. Ecommerce is quickly becoming our go-to shopping method as shoppers abandon traditional outlets in favor of more savvy online marketplaces.

Web Design Best Practices

Pop-Ups: The Fruitcake of Web Design?

Before you have flashbacks to the days of modem dial tones and AOL CD-ROMS, I mean what we now refer to as modal windows — overlays that open in-page on, say, an article you clicked on from Facebook that now wants you to subscribe for email updates. Some experts love them. They call it a “good user experience." But if you don't like them, why would your users?


Is Lifestyle Marketing the Future of B2B?

Building a strong brand is vital for any business, in any industry, and it isn’t just relegated to selling cars or soft drinks or smartphones. CMOs, take note — not only should branding be a key focus of your B2B strategy, you should also borrow a page or two from successful consumer brands. Regardless of price point, consider shifting your focus toward lifestyle marketing, effectively positioning yourself as a B2B aspirational brand.


Cyborgs Are Stealing Your B2B Sales: How to Fight Back

Despite sounding like some radical vision of the future, the use of cyborgs in day-to-day business is already here. Cyborg-driven sales teams are outperforming their analog counterparts several times over, and top-performing B2B companies are realizing that the future of sales is neither 100% human nor 100% technology-driven. Savvy brands are turning their field sales staff into cyborgs by outfitting them with powerful mobile technology solutions that boost them to a previously unimaginable level of productivity and efficiency.

Web Design Best Practices

6 Lessons from the Best Nonprofit Websites

Previously we touched on the importance of designing your nonprofit website with mobile users in mind. This week, we’ll take a look at other important design trends and best practices being used by some of the top nonprofit organizations.

These standards can be applied to just about every type of nonprofit website, whether your organization exists to raise money for a charitable cause or to serve as a local association.

Web Design Best Practices

Is Your Nonprofit Website Design Losing Mobile Visitors?

A poorly designed website doesn’t just fail to generate results — it can seriously limit engagement through usability pitfalls and a perceived lack of credibility or authority. A bad first impression means that donors are less likely to give, new members are less likely to register, and engagement through newsletter signups or event registration will suffer. Luckily, these mistakes are easy to identify and correct. This week we’ll take a look at responsive web design vs. desktop-only design.

Web Design Best Practices

Partner Locator Best Practices

In this article we explain partner locator best practices and explore why the partner locator on many corporate websites is failing to adequately serve either customers or sales partners. If the thought of allowing your customers to review your channel sales partners directly on your corporate website gives you night terrors, this article from our B2B Digital Strategy Blog is for you.