IA, UX, Strategy, Design

Information Architect and Product Data Specialist

We are seeking an Information Architect / Product Data Specialist to help on eCommerce and enterprise web / app projects in our New York or San Antonio offices. 

The ideal candidate must have at least 3+ years experience in the areas of Information Architecture, Data Analysis, and Ecommerce Product Information Management (PIM). Must be a detail-oriented person with both logical and creative qualities. Strong written, verbal and listening skills are imperative. Must be comfortable talking with clients, helping them identify their challenges, and provide recommendations and solutions. Empathy, patience, honesty, and curiosity essential.



The Information Architect is responsible for planning and designing the information structure for client ecommerce websites, mobile apps and Product Information Management (PIM) systems.  Day-to-day you will tackle data /c ontent hierarchies and taxonomies, content organization, navigation, interaction design, and business processes for leading-edge e-commerce, marketing and web / app solutions.

You must be able to understand, parse, and translate complex data and usage patterns into an easy to understand user experiences and information structures. 

You will collaborate and advise the UX, Strategy and Design teams on the overall direction of website & app projects.

  • Analyze and audit existing information taxonomies and data structures
  • Analyze and audit existing digital content and product information for organizational structure, data integrity, and efficacy
  • Research and analyze audience needs, preferences, behavior and usage patterns
  • Study and understand how users consume data / content across their journey / product lifecycle
  • Research and define necessary data architecture and information structures to support business goals and system requirements
  • Recommend features and user-facing functionality to help users consume and / or manage data and content
  • Standardize naming conventions and data taxonomies across web properties, systems, product-lines, brands, and organizations
  • Translate user behavior  into functionality and structure requirements
  • Prepare interaction specifications, functionality requirements, data / information maps, site maps, and user flows
  • Support QA testing and user testing as appropriate
  • Present findings to internal team and to clients


Project Types

  • E-commerce 
  • Product Data Cleanup, Reorganization, and / or Migration
  • Product Information Management  (PIM) System Implementation 
  • Multi-channel / Omni-channel Customer Experiences
  • Reporting & Analytics Websites & Web-apps
  • Data Asset Management systems (DAM)
  • Commerce & Tracking Mobile Apps
  • Sales & Operations Apps


Skills and Experiences That Are a Plus

  • Utilizing Pimcore or similar platform for PIM, DAM & Omni-channel Marketing
  • Supporting unit and functional tests as an integral part of your development process
  • Previous digital agency or technology agency experience
  • Musical or other creative talents